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                I don’t know this girl’s name but all I can say is WOW! She had that powerful voice. Her voice is so great and I think she’ll be a great popular singer! Just by hearing her, you will be amazed. I don’t know what to say, I was shock with that voice. Born to be star, that’s what I think about her. She had the talent that will make those popular singers nervous. If she would be given a great opportunity, she could beat famous singers.

                Also, she had the talent in keyboard. I also play keyboard and I know how hard to play “E.T.” in piano. She’s so talented. The way she plays the keyboard is also awesome. It’s hard to sing while playing keyboard, but for her it was just like opening a candy. If you watch her sing and play keyboard, you will think that those things are easy to do but actually hard.

                Some suggestions: why not try American idol or America’s Got Talent?

                God Bless You!


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