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Dani Shay
For me she really had that talent, talent that would take her to a place where her dreams will come true. Well I could say that I am someone that hated Justin Bieber(It was in the past guys!) but just by hearing Dani Shay, I quickly fall in love with her(unrequited and one sided haha!). She’s the best for me.  We can’t just remove the fact that there’s a small percent of her fans became her fans because of her look-alike but her looks for me is different from Bieber, it’s just me or everybody feel it that her eyes(and aura?) somewhat says that she can stand alone without being linked to JB. It is clearly stated in her song “What the Hell” and I even thought she would cry at the end of the song! If I would be given a chance to interview her, my first question will be: Do you hate being linked to Justin Bieber? I was just curious.

Some people say that her voice is almost the same as Justin’s voice but for me she had a different voice. Her voice is the best voice my ears had ever heard, so far.

                Dani also plays the guitar well. For me, singers who don’t just sing but also plays instrument are more popular like Taylor Swift. Also, you can easily compose songs if you know a lot in playing instrument. In addition to that, Dani know what kind of sounds would fit in her songs.

                She also put her heart in her songs. Like in the song “Superheroes”, she’s releasing her feelings. There’s always been a big difference between a song with the singer’s heart to a song without the heart and feelings. That’s what attracts me, her feelings inside the song. Her voice doesn’t just sing the song but her voice also brings out her feelings.

                Her looks really rocks. She’s gorgeous. I also love her fashion sense. She could have modelling as part-time job! I wish you are my sister (well I don’t have any sis).

                I LOVE DANI SHAY!




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